1st Annual “Battle of Alberta Brew Competition”

  • Theme: a mini brew competition designed to showcase the versatility & range of Alberta’s top “Homebrewer”
  • Format: each participant will submit 3 entries total, across varying styles. They will submit one entry in each of the below categories: 1). Pale Malty European Lager
    2). American Porter and Stout
    3). IPA
  • Each beer will be judged / scored individually based on the BJCP standard for that category.
  • The points for EACH entry will be accumulated towards a final score. The brewer(s) with the highest combined score will be crowned victors.
  • Open to any homebrew club or individual residing in Alberta
  • BJCP registered event
  • Entry deadline: Nov 24
  • Judging to take place Saturday, Nov 25
  • $25 entry fee (gets you 3 entries)
  • (coming soon) “Significant Prizes” will be awarded to 1st , 2nd , 3rd place.

Entrant must enter beers into the following BJCP categories:

4A. Munich Helles
4B. Festbier
4C. Helles Bock

20A. American Porter
20B. American Stout
20C. Imperial Stout

21A. American IPA
21B. Specialty IPA
21C. Hazy IPA
22A. Double IPA