President : Cory Fath

VP/Treasurer: Gary Villeneuve

Webmaster/Head Steward: Rob Taylor
Education Coordinator : Marie-Annick Scott
Event Coordinator: Natalie Semeniuk

My beer journey began when I took a year off school (I majored in Dance) and backpacked across Europe.  While in Germany I joined the Kinder Krausens, a children’s entertainment group (we sang songs about beer.  And morality), which lead to many brewery discoveries while traveling through Germany.  However, through the influence of my coworkers, I fell into an organized crime ring, and was caught stealing Masskrugse en masse from the Marstall beer tent at Oktoberfest.  This led to not only the ire of the Oktoberfest police, but also Interpol.  Upon returning home I started home brewing and haven’t stopped since.  I now get my adventure thirst quenched by experimental brews (promising mind-altering results) and skydiving.  Prost!

Competition Coordinator: Chris Bohaichuck

Secretary: Bryan Whited

Bryan has been a beer enthusiast since well before he was supposed to be drinking, and some of the defining moments of his life were discovering dunkles and wheat beers when in college.  Decades later, he had another life changing discovery that making good beer didn’t require a huge investment or a lot of time. Over the past ten years he has tried his hand at just about every type of beer… with varying degrees of success.  He tends to alternate between all-grain kits and experimenting, so that he still has beer if the experiment fails. When not drinking or brewing he does a lot of cycling in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.