President/Events Coordinator: Chelsea Tessier

Homebrewing became an addictive hobby of mine in early 2017. My first brew was in a 20L pot on a stovetop using malt that we crushed with a beer bottle. I hadn’t adjusted the AA% so I ended up with was a 3% super bitter amber ale and we drank every bottle. What really got me hooked on homebrewing was coming to the monthly meetings and sharing my beer with everyone. Getting feedback from other people pushed me to keep learning about brewing. My favourite aspect of beer is the community and the sharing of something you brewed with other people.

Vice President/Social Media:  Mike Kasun

Mike is an international man of mystery because he didn’t submit his bio for this page. You can harass him on Twitter or Facebook since he’s the social media guy.

Education/Webmaster: Marie-Annick Scott

Marie-Annick runs the education sessions at the EHG, as well as studying brewing science through the IBD. She’s a Linux nerd, which is why we put her in charge of the website. She also brews pretty much weekly and runs the YEGbierfrau site and occasionally gives beer education sessions in the community. Contact her in the middle of a brew day if you’re having issues or if you want to begin your journey on the road toward becoming a BJCP beer judge. She can appreciate all styles, but a finely crafted Pilsner is the holy grail. Also, stop putting lactose in everything.

Head Steward: Nolan Reimer

My home brewing journey began five years ago when I won my first kit at an EHG gala as a guest. Putting it off, it was almost a year before I finally opened it up. The result, not so good. I have since joined up with my cousin and brother where we brew together. I continue to learn about process and different styles every batch we make. In the past two years I have been involved in entering beer in competitions and began volunteering in the hosting of our competition which has led to me taking the position of Head Steward. As the clubs head steward I can answer any competition related questions. When drinking a beer I will take an IPA any day of the week.

Techie/Webmaster: Rob Taylor
Event Coordinator: Cory Fath

When I’m not working, I’m traveling. If I’m not traveling, then I’m probably drinking a beer thinking about traveling and brewing beer.
My nomadic tendencies have led me to enjoy a beer on 6 continents and tour some of the oldest breweries to the freshest startups. I’ve been home brewing on/off for close to a decade but only gotten serious about it in the last few years. The past months have allowed me to complete the Olds College Brewing Certificate that I hope to put to use by creating better home brew and help with my mead experiments. Having the palate of a racoon, I’ll let you provide the beer and I’ll do my best to make sure the events are successful!

Secretary: Taylor Wacey

Treasurer: Gary Villeneuve